Get £15 of free train travel in the fast lane

Keep reading for how you can get up to £15 worth of credit absolutly free to spend on train fares.

RedSpottedHanky.comTrain booking company Red Spotted Hanky are giving 30,000 away £10 vouchers in tomorrows Sunday Telegraph, but you DON’T need to by the paper. You can find full details of that offer over on However, the RSH website will be slow tomorrow, be ready for that.

The good news, especially if you miss out, is that they have another offer on (for £15!) and there is no limit on how many people can take part! Read the rest of this article to find out more.

RedSpottedHanky have their own loyalty points currency, each loyaly point is initially worth 1p of Train Travel Credit. (But redeeming them should earn you another 1p per £, making them worth 1.01p).

How to get up to £15 of free RedSpottedHanky credit:

Currently they are running their own Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix game, where the prizes include an iPad and Xbox Kinects, PS Vitas and iPod Touchs. All of which require you to beat other players in the game.

HOWEVER, for each point you score in the game, you will get 1 RedSpottedHanky loyalty point, up to a £15 cap.

You score points from various things, but it includes how many laps your drivers do in the GrandPrix, so with 17 races remaing after this weekend, you still ought to be easily able to hit the £15 cap – with just a vaguely sensible team, and just some occasional light fine tuning.

You can sign up to the game here:

DO NOTE: To recieve the points you ALSO need to be registered with RSH themselves (the main website) and you need to use the same email address on both sites.

I’ve created a mini league, if you want to join the password is “david”:

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