Check your F1 team is compliant to get your free train travel credit

Quick reminder to thouse people playing the RedSpottedHanky Formula 1 game (to get themeselves some free train travel credit) to make sure your team is valid.

See the original post for more details on the game. – It is NOT too late to enter.

Fantasy Formula 1 Team Selection

Make sure your fantasy Formula 1 team selection is valid.

Your team MUST include: 4 drivers, 2 contructors and 1 engine – I can see some people in the UKpoints mini-league don’t have this currently, sadly you won’t be earning points until you do!

How to get your team valid:
You have 3 transfers for each race to change your selection. The transfers can be used before the qualifing cut off (5pm Friday) or between qualifing and the race.

You might need to reduce spend in one area, to add it in another and enable you to have a complete valid team.

After making any changes, make sure you click “Save Team”.

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