Intercontinental Hotels Group Cashback Update

Intercontinental Hotels Group logoLast night I wrote a post pointing out that while cashback for IHG hotel chains such as Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza was no longer available on the big 2 UK cashback sites – Quidco and TopCashBack – it was still available on other cashback sites, especially abroad.

I decided to focus on TopCashBack USA – the sister site to TCB UK, since a lot of us are familiar with their UK offering and I was already midway through testing cashback with them, a hotel booking site not on any UK cashback sites.

Sadly since I wrote my post last night Intercontinental Hotels Group has now been removed from TopCashBack USA as well. We don’t yet know if this is just TopCashBack and Quidco posturing against IHG, or whether it is IHG wanting to come off cashback sites.

At the time of writing they are still available via the interesting imutual cashback site in the UK. Paying 3% plus shares in the cashback company. I have no experience yet of imutual.

They are also on the big USA cashback sites, but as I mentioned in the previous post, the issue with using foreign cashback sites is (a) whether they allow members outside their own country, or (b) how you can be paid.

Having looked at few sites, ebates (who have IHG cashback at 4.5%) and MrRebates (who have IHG at 6%), both allow non-USA members according to their T&C, and will pay via PayPal.

Again, I have no experience (yet) of either of these companies, but they do seem to be much bigger in the USA than TCB USA (which was just an offshoot of their UK operation).

I will keep you posted with how I get I on with them. If anyone has any experience, they are welcome to comment to.


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