Get £1 back for every train ticket you buy in May

Rail booking company Red Spotted Hanky have another promotion on. Sadly not a complete points give away, but it could still be a cracking deal – £1 back on each ticket purchase until 31st May. Rewards Giveaway banner - thousands of prizes in May

Firstly, the competition bit – although this is less interesting than the giveaway further down).

You get a competition entry with each £20 purchase of train tickets this month. (You can also enter by spending 200 loyalty points, but this is a terrible use of points).
There are 9116 prizes available to be won in total, there is a single top prize:

High quality self-catering apartment for 4 including flights to any Leisure Time Solutions featured resort in France, Canary Islands, Spain or Portugal. To be taken at any point up to the 31st Oct 2014

And 5 of each of the second tier prizes of:

£100 rail e-vouchers to be redeemed by Dec 31st 2013
UK Overnight Hotel Breaks for 2 at any one of 218 locations though
£49 Experience vouchers for any one of 117 experiences at 519 locations through

After that it is less interesting prizes. You can read about them in the T&C:

What is more interesting is down the bottom of the T&C page:

All customers that transact (purchase a train ticket) within the promotional period will receive 100 loyalty points to be redeemed against the cost of future train travel or rewards via the rewards portal. Customers will receive 100 loyalty points every time they transact within the promotional period regardless of ticket price. loyalty points will be allocated to all transacting customers loyalty accounts within 28 days of the closing date of the Promotion.

Loyalty points are personal to the account holder and the allied loyalty scheme account to which they have been allocated. They cannot be transferred to any person or account, nor can they be sold or traded in any way. Loyalty points may only be redeemed against future train travel with or items listed on the rewards portal.

Loyalty points awarded over the promotional period are valid until 31st Dec 2013

Now you might think this is just for people spending over £20, but I don’t believe so. The T&C do not state this, and look at how it was presented in the original email:rsh-100-buy-ticket
So, on a purchase of cheap £4-5 tickets, if you make those in your week/weekend, you are getting the equivalent about 20-25% cashback. Even at £10 you are getting 10% back.

Sadly the points will not be awarded for 28 days, so not possible to check. But I will certainly be forgoing pitiful other cashback routes for my ticket purchases in May.


Get £1 back for every train ticket you buy in May — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve just had an email saying I’ll be getting 100 loyalty points shortly for this promotion. Only bought the one ticket with them during the period though, so I was only entitled to 100, maybe someone else can confirm if multiple purchases got the multiple bonuses as per the T&C?

    • Nick, I have to say that myself I only did 1 qualifying purchase per RSH account across family members during the period – I had no reason for limiting it to 1, other than only needing a few tickets that month.

      It would be good to know if anyone did receive multiple for future reference.

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