IHG cashback update (#3)

As you probably know recently Intercontinental Hotels Group disappeared from the UK cashback sites, such as Quidco and TopCashBack. (IHG includes the Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza brands amongst others)

I’m currently in the process of trialling some cashback sites in other markets around the world, and thought I would give an update on progress.

Edit: Please note that since this article was written it has now gone from the USA sites, but is still available on some UK lower profile sites. See update.

I looked at the leading cashback sites in the USA, to avoid language barrier issues and leading sites so there was plenty of online tips and chatter about them, and further restricted my search to those that allow overseas members (i.e. people in the UK, etc, many restrict to USA only) and those that are willing to pay out by PayPal – or other low fee method.


I settled on “Mr Rebates” as one of my first websites to try, as they offer 6% cashback on IHG, and also allow PayPal payout and non-USA members in their T&C.

To test, I have put through an £85.00 (VAT inclusive) Holiday Inn transaction in the UK, which has shown up as pending at 131.65 USD.


Pending IHG transaction.

Based upon exchange rates around the time, there has been no FX hit in the tracked amount. And it is showing with 7.90 USD of cashback pending, which is 6% of the VAT-inclusive total given.

Sadly I need to wait 90 days from posting date for it to become payable, and to confirm that it will post finally a $7.90 – but it has given me confidence so far.

I do expect to take a small FX hit on the cashback amount converting into Sterling in PayPal. And also on the paypal receipt (this will vary with your type of paypal account).

Also note that you need 10 USD cashback to get a payout, but I have other cashback posted, so I should be able to complete my cashback test all the way back to my UK bank account (via PayPal) shortly.

If you want to give MrRebates a try, you are welcome to use my refer-a-friend link.

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