£10 M&S voucher for £4.65

Groupon have a £10 M&S giftcard avilable for £5.

Marks and Spencer E-Gift Card

However you can get this down to £4.65 if you go via TopCashBack to Groupon (search for them on TCB) it will get 7.07% cashback, bringing it down to effectively £4.65 for a £10 voucher.

They say it will be delivered by email when the offer closes on Groupon as an M&S E-GIFT card. These can be used IN STORE as well as online, and are valid for Clothes, Home and also Food.

While the offer at Groupon has another 2 days to run, the TCB cashback ends this evening.

This kind of deal is ever better if you have a creditcard where you are currently trying to meet the minimum spend to trigger the signup bonus as it lets you put the spend through the card now, yet keep the voucher for up to 24 months before actually spending it on things. Obviously you should exercise caution before effectively depositing money as credit with retailers in financial difficulty, but this is only a £10 voucher for £5 … or £4.65 after cashback.


£10 M&S voucher for £4.65 — 2 Comments

  1. You can get a £100 M&S voucher (plus some free coffees) for about £30, if you sign up for their current account. Takes 20-30 minutes in store to get the account open, then a few mins on the phone to cancel. You need to have the account open + not cancelled for 1 month to get the vouchers (£15 monthly fee), then it’s 30 days notice, so total cost is about £30 (depending on the exact day you cancel)

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