British Airways adds Passbook support to BA iOS app for iPhones

British Airways have today updated their iOS application for iPhones to support Apple’s “Passbook” system.

BA iOS app, what's new screen introduces Passbook

All new boarding passes will be accessible by loading them from the app into Passbook, the update message also announces further changes due by mid June which will allow you to access your BPs in Passbook directly from your iPhones lockscreen.

You can download the BA App from the iTunes store on your computer or directly on your device.

BA iOS App Passbook Update notice

The update notice sensibly advises not to do this on a day you are travelling.

However a another warning should be:
You appear to loose access to all previous boarding passes you may have in the old app. Please ensure you keep a copy if you are still claiming anything or need them for your records.(You can take a screenshot in iOS by holding down the sleep/wake button at the top, and pressing the ‘home’ button below the screen.)

We previously mentioned how Iberia have added Passbook support to their app.

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