Get 15 free Avios per day and up to 15,000 more with Iberia Plus partners

UPDATE: This competition is no more, there is currently potentially a new way.

Iberia Plus have launched their Summer 2013 ‘multi-partner’ bonus campaign, where you can earn up to 15,000 Avios points when you credit points from multiple non-flying partners to your IB+ account.

Banner for Iberia Plus multipartner

It appears you can also get 15 free Avios a day – perfect for ‘activating’ your IBplus account to let you transfer Avios from either of the other two loyalty programmes using Avios points. Or just collect them to use…

Quick introduction to Iberia Plus and Avios points:

Iberia’s frequent flyer programme is one of the three separate loyalty programmes that use Avios points as their currency. The other two being the BA Executive Club, and the UK-address-only scheme called Subject to a couple of restrictions, you can move Avios points between your own personal accounts in each of the three programmes at any time, free of charge. The schemes have slightly different partners for earning and burning points, and may charge different surcharges on some trips, they also have their own rules and T&C.

When it comes to moving points between your accounts in the difference schemes, while some restrictions apply if you are in a BAEC ‘household account’, the key restriction affecting all transfers with Iberia Plus accounts is that your IB+ account needs to be BOTH:

  • Over 90 days old, and also
  • Active – which means it needs to have earned an Avios point.

While you can buy Avios points inside your IB+ account to activate it, or transfer hotel scheme or credit card points, many people look for a free method to activate their account. Further down I will cover the method to get 15 free Avios method with this offer (and you can do it once a day!)

The Multi-Partner Promo for Up to 15,000 Avios

The whole promo is called “Tire el Guante” (‘Throw down the Gauntlet’) and runs up to 31st July 2013. You need to register for it, and how many Avios you can earn depends upon how many non-flying partners from which you can credit points to your IB+ account from during the period:

  • Earn 150 Avios when you use 4 Partners
  • Earn 750 Avios when you use 5 Partners
  • Earn 1,500 Avios when you use 6 Partners
  • Earn 6,750 Avios when you use 7 Partners
  • Earn 9,000 Avios when you use 8 or 9 Partners
  • Earn 15,000 Avios when you use 10 or more Partners

Which partners are participating?

You can look through the partner tabs on the promotion website (link below).

Hotels | Motor | Financial | Shopping | Health | Leisure | More Services

Of most interest to people internationally will be the Hotels tab. It lists the main international chains, plus also some of the other hotel groups that IB have as partners.

The Motoring tab has details of the car hire companies. Keep in mind the offers differ between IB+ and BAEC, for earning with the companies. Also if you are driving in Spain consider using Repsol petrol stations.

In the Finance tab, only the American Express Membership Rewards option will probably be available.

On the Shopping tab, note that Chic Outlet Shopping includes Bicester Village in the UK, and other locations around Europe.

Finally under the More Services tab, note that “Sheffield Centre” has until 30th June a potential route to possibly get 50 free Avios in IB+ which I have covered before. This might count for this promotion.

How to register:

(Make sure you have registered for Iberia Plus programme itself, before doing this.)

As usual with IB it is a bit messy – especially if you use the website in English.

When logged into your IB+ account looking through the offers section, regardless of what you have your country and language mode set to, you can see the banner at the top of this article displayed on some of the tabs. The banner takes you off the main website to the dedicated website setup for the promotion, so don’t bother looking for the banner, just go to:

Iberia+ Multi-Partner bonus websiteThe left link is for the main promotion, and to register. Do this first, it might well be a requirement to get the 15 free Avios as well. Click the left link and it will take you down the page to the register button:

IB+ multipartner register for promotion link

This link takes you back to the website, where you will probably be asked to login, additionally your language and country choice will be set to that associated with your account preferences.

After logging in, you will usually be confronted with a signup form for the current promotions available to you. If you are, click the small “See my Promotions” link down the bottom left:

Iberia+ link to list your available promotions upon login

If not, you can still get to the next page by going to: My Ibeira Plus > My Promotions

My Iberia Plus then My Promotions when logged in.You will now notice that the promotion “Tira el Guante” is NOT listed if you have a language other than Spanish set.

IB+ promotions listed when set to English


However, if you click the “Español” link top left to change the language to Spanish, it will appear:

IB+ listed promotions when set to spanish


(You should not need to change your country, leave that on what you normally have it set to. The screenshots here have it set to Spain but this sequence has been tested with it set to UK, etc.)

By clicking that link marked above, we can now register:

Subscribe to IB+ multipartner promotionIberia Plus multipartner promotion subscription confirmed.Returning to the promotion website, how to get your 15 Avios free per day

This time we click on the link on the right hand side:Iberia+ Multi-Partner bonus website


Assuming you are already logged into your Facebook account, you get a popup asking for this site to have permission to access your ‘public profile’, friend list and email address.

Iberia Plus facebook popup for multi-partner promotion.


You will then get a little man with your name and your facebook profile picture as his face:

IB+ FB promo - select friendsClick the link to select your friends. After selecting one of them, you throw the gauntlet (glove) at them:

Thoughing down the gauntletug


Then enter your IB+ membership number:

Enter your membership number


You will then get a thank you screen, telling you that you can do it again tomorrow.

At present I’m NOT clear on whether your friend needs to sing up. The link it wants to post on their page does NOT seem to have any tracking code or referral information in it. So I do NOT think so. Let me know if you can see anything to suggest otherwise.

Is the promotion worth it?

You should have nothing to loose from registering. Additionally, what I would certainly do is – if I could easily get Avios with some of the partners – such as sending a hotel stay from a chain there, or would be sending a car hire to my IB+ account, I would consider which other partners I could easily activate to help me get a bonus, or push up the bonus.

I would certainly try the free route with Sheffield Centre in case it works. I would also possibly send some Amex MR points over, and some low value amounts from other hotel schemes – if it would help me raise the bonus I would get.

If I could NOT easily hit a decent value bonus, and if I did not have anything going to my IB+ account anyway, I would probably skip on the main promotion. But not necessarily the free Avios.

How long does it take the free points to post from facebook?

No idea.

Please note: The above content is provided without warranty. Nothing is guaranteed.







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