Iberia update and last day for free Avios

UPDATE: I believe this method is no more, but there is currently a new way.

Just a quick update on Iberia, their multi-collect bonus and in particular one of the partner offers expires today (see below).

New Iberia WebsiteFirstly, in case you have not been there recently, they have a new website interface. The primary block colour has become red, with the Iberia logo in white on top, and select text in yellow from the corporate colour scheme.

However the main purpose of this post is an update on the ‘Throw down the gauntlet’ promotion.

Since my original post about this multi-partner bonus, some updates:

English Language Version: There is now an English language version of the promotion website, where it has been called “The Duel” www.theduelbyiberiaplus.com

Registration Concerns: Some people reported concerns that they were not registered properly because the promotion was still showing as available to register for when they logged into their IB+ accounts (unlike other promotions once registered). This was the case for me as well and I contacted IB and asked about this, they confirmed to me that I was registered for it.

15 Free Avios per day via Facebook: My free Avios have now posted from the test I did while writing the original post. You could apparently do this every day if you wanted. However if your only objective was to activate your Iberia Plus account (so you could transfer Avios from BAEC etc) then 1 go is enough.

Credit of 15 Free Avios in my Iberia Plus accountSheffield Centre free Avios offer EXPIRES TODAY!

Sorry for the lack of earlier reminder about this one. Back in April I wrote about how “Sheffield Centre” language schools had an offer where you could potentially get 50 free Avios for requesting a catalogue. This ends today.

Back then, it was only really of interest if you need another way to activate your IB+ account for free.

However, Sheffield Centres are an eligible partner for the Gauntlet/Duel promotion, and hopefully the 50 free Avios will count knocking another partner down. The T&C say they should be credited within 30 days, so they should fall within the promotion period hopefully.

If you want to try requesting a catalogue for the potential for 50 free Avios, you can see the details in my original post.

Melia Rewards:

Melia Rewards

I was originally looking at this hotel rewards scheme as a cheap route to purchase some points, transfer to IB and knock another partner down. Sadly an offer to buy them at a discount just ended, but it would still be a relatively cheap way to hit a partner. But keep reading for something more interesting.

Upon registration you get 2000 points in their scheme, however they can not be transferred.

But, after registering, something odd happened. It seems I got in just in time for their summer promotion where all members were given 4000 free points. And I seem to have been able to transfer these to Iberia Plus. Lets see if they turn up.

You may have missed the boat for the 4000 points, sadly I had no idea it was even coming receiving them literally the day after I joined!

However there is also a UK Amex Platinum card offer at present for a free hotel night at Melia Hotels. If you took that up (they even have one qualifying hotel in London you could pop along to, no travel outside the UK required), you could charge £10 to the room for food/drinks and get enough for an IB transfer.

(If you don’t have the Amex Plat card and want it, let me know I can happily refer you from mine for a higher joining bonus than a direct application gets).

Finally, Melia Rewards seem to give all members a free stay on their birthday. Will try to give this a go this year.

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