RocketMiles one-day only American Airlines joining bonus

RocketMiles – the hotel booking site which allows people to earn airline miles when booking hotels – has a one-day bonus offer for new sign-ups who want to collect American Airlines miles and book this weekend, stay by the end of the year.

Rocket Miles logoIf you join *and* make your first booking by 23.59 on Sunday in Central Time USA – which I think is 6am on Monday morning UK time – you will get a bonus of 3,000 AA miles on top of the (up to) 5,000 AA miles per night you could earn from a normal booking.

The joining link with offer details is:

Keep in mind that RocketMiles does usually always have a new customer offer of some sort running, for example the following are also for 3,000 miles:  (requires you to book and stay by 11th April) (requires you to book and stay by the 30th April)

The current AA ( offer however allows stays to be completed by the 31st December 2014, a much longer window.

Of course it also limit you to earning AA miles from your first stay, rather than their other partners:

RocketMiles Partners

Some other notes about Rocket Miles:

  • Which hotels you find in your search results box does seem to vary with the mileage partner you select each time you do the search on the main site (so, if you search with FlyingBlue selected you might get different result from when you had AA Advantage, etc.
  • Even if you collect multiple of the currencies on offer, be wary of literal comparisons. While one scheme may offer 5000 miles but another 3000 – these are different currencies of miles. As an extension to this, when comparing sign-up offers, the bonus figure is what to look at, the ‘average per night’ or ‘maximum per night’ mentioned in the graphic will vary depending upon which loyalty programmes the offer is open to.
  • Finally remember with RocketMiles you are booking via a travel agent (so as per booking on Expedia, etc, don’t expect to earn anything in the hotels own loyalty schemes or for any status benefits you might have with the chain. Accordingly RocketMiles is better for independents or chains you don’t frequently stay with.

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