Tesco clubcard promotional rate for select Monarch flights

Until the end of May, Tesco are offering an enhanced rate for converting clubcard points into Monarch Airlines vouchers – to book on scheduled flights departing from Manchester, Leeds Bradford or East Midlands Airportnow expanded to all UK airports.

Monarch Airlines Aircraft

The enhanced rate will give you £20 of Monarch credit (for such flights) in return for £10 of clubcard vouchers. If you would otherwise convert your £10 of clubcard points into 2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin Flying Club miles, the promotional Monarch rate may appeal (even if the normal rate does not) as you can use the Monarch voucher at face value on cash seats, unlike airline miles.

The normal rate is £10.00 Clubcard into £15 Monarch vouchers, which doesn’t compare that well with the 2,400 Avios / 2,500 Virgin Atlantic miles – unless you value your miles at less than 0.6p each.

However, at the promotion enhanced rate of £20 Monarch, that figure changes to the equivalent of just over 0.8p per Avios – which given than you would need BA to offer redemption seats (which are not always available) – makes the Monarch offer quite a bit more appealing providing you know your travel plans or have an imminent flight to make.

Keep in mind:

  1. You need to convert by the 30th May from Tesco AND book with Monarch by the 31st May.
  2. This is only valid for flights from Manchester, Leeds Bradford or East Midlands Airports Now available all UK airports
  3. It is a different Tesco redemption option from the standard monarch conversion option.

Special offer conversion link: http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/product.aspx?R=4186 – promotion over.
Standard conversion link: http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/product.aspx?R=2252

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