Potential new way to activate an Iberia Plus account with 50 free Avios

Iberia currently have a competition running in their electronic magazine, where every entrant can pick up 50 Avios points – and win up to 30,000.

Iberia Plus competition 50 free Avios

One of the restrictions on moving Avios points into your Iberia Plus account from another Avios using scheme is the need to have already earned some Avios in your IB+ account. This is therefore a good ‘free’ way to activate your account.

Iberia Plus is the frequent flyer programme of Spanish airline Iberia, just like the separate BA Executive Club and Avios.com schemes, IB+ also uses Avios points as its mileage currency.

Subject to some restrictions, you can move your Avios between the schemes, and certain flights can be more cost effective (in terms of taxes and charges) to book from IBplus rather than BAEC.

The competition:

The competition gives you an entry to win a prize of 30,000 Avios, but also gives each participant 50 Avios.

Where to find it:

The competition is located on the 4th page of the Iberia Plus magazine:


NOTE: You MUST use an Iberia Plus membership number, you can NOT use a BA Executive Club or Avios.com membership number. The Avios can be moved later.

What you need to do:

Answer questions about which companies you can earn Iberia Plus points with.

You should check your answers here: http://www.iberia.com/web/obsmenu.do?menuId=IBPHOME

But my answers to the questions were:

  1. MyShoes
  2. La Panza es Premio
  3. All of the above
  4. Cash Card

Closing thoughts:

Obviously no guarantee can be given this will work – despite what they say, IB promotions sometimes don’t work.

However given that one of the other requirements before you can move Avios into your IB+ account from another Avios scheme is that your IB+ account must be 90 days old before the transfer, accordingly you might as well open one today and do this quiz to earn the 50 Avios – just in case you need it for one of the redemption options that are cheaper booked form IB plus.


Potential new way to activate an Iberia Plus account with 50 free Avios — 2 Comments

  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed, you just saved me. Need to move 60K Avios out of British Airways, I’m tired of paying essentially the price of the flight in surcharges.
    Thanks for sharing!

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