RedSpottedHanky fantasy golf starts today – get up to £15 of free train tickets

The latests giveaway promotion from train booking website RedSpottedHanky starts TODAY and it is fantasy golf – to tie in with the Ryder Cup from Gleneagles which starts tomorrow.

RSH Fantasy Ryder Cup

While there are also prizes for winners, the main plus is that every participant can earn up to £15 worth of RSH loyalty points – which can be used for buying train tickets or redeemed with various other partners.

To enter:

You need to register here TODAY:

Make sure you use the same email address as your RedSpottedHanky account uses to earn the points. If you don’t have an RSH account, you need to make one there too.

And select 8 golfers to be on your team. Each one has a cost attached and you have a budget of £100m.

You score 50 points (eventually worth 50p) for each 1/2 point that player scores in the Ryder Cup. And an additional 50 points for each of your fantasy players who are in the real winning team.

UKpoints mini-league

You can join the 4 teams so far in the UKpoints mini-league:

League name: UKpoints
Password: david

The format of the Ryder Cup

The cup is contested by two teams – representing Europe and the USA. Each team has 12 golfers and they also have a team captain who selects who will play when in the tournament – however in the RSH game you designate one of your players the captain at the start – and they earn double points throughout.

The Ryder Cup is held over the next three days (finishing Sunday) with 28 matches played in total. Each match is worth 1 point for the team who win it (with 1/2 points awarded in the event of a tie after the 18 holes of that particular match).

The format of the matches

This doesn’t really affect the loyalty points game, but if you trying to follow the event to play your daily transfers:

On the first two days the format of the matches differs in the morning session to the afternoon session.

One of the daily sessions consists of 4 matches played as ‘fourballs’ – where golfers go around in groups of four, two from each team, each player playing their own ball. The golfer who scores lowest wins that point for their team.

The other session of the day has 4 matches played as ‘foursomes’ where the players again go around in groups of 4, but with only one balls for each team of 2 and the players from that team taking alternate shots.

The third day is played as 12 singles matches. (A golfer in the USA against one in Europe, each with their own ball)

Daily transfers

In the RSH game you get 2 transfers before each day starts. If it looks like it is going towards one team before Sunday, you might want to switch more of your players to being from that team.

If you are watching … you might want the volume turned down!

Golf is traditionally quite a civilised game, it is played on well kept grounds, plenty of space around people and with players each taking their turns to play – in an ordered fashion.

Sadly however in recent years there has been a growing trend in American golf for spectators to rowdily shout “Get in hole”/”In the hole” after essentially every shot, even if it has no credible chance to get in any hole.
Additionally at the Ryder Cup a habit seems to have developed for the American fans to chant “U.S.A.” very loudly.

Personally, I’d eject anyone doing either of these.

It is a much more civilised environment when you can hear the MUTAL applause, and even the collective intakes of breath when something looks like it is travelling well. The chanting and shouting obliterate both of these.

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