New entrant for most basic airport lounge: Podgorica, Montenegro

I recently had to make a trip to Podgorica (TGD), the capital of Montenegro. As part of the community spirit of sharing knowledge of airports and lounges online, here is very quick review.

Podgorica Airport Terminal

Lets start with the good stuff: Turely wonderful scenery and very friendly people – keen to help you and thank you for coming to their country.

Now the bad: While they might use the Euro despite not being part of the EU (as they had adopted the Deutsche Mark prior to this), but they have certainly not caught up with no-smoking legislation. Smoking is everywhere.

But from an aviation perspective while have a relatively modern terminal building (with great views of the mountains) – they have one of the most basic lounges I can recall (with no views at all!)

Inbound flight – Austrian Bombardier Dash 8 Q400:

City of Podgorica:

City of Podgorica, Montenegro

Airport (TGD) with the city behind:

Podgorica Airport with city behind

Landed – Austrian Airlines – Bombardier Dash 8 Q400


Departing flight:


Podgorica - Landside Cafe
They seem to only allow one flight through security to the departure lounge at a time.
Podgorica - Check In

In the departure lounge there is a reasonable duty free shop – which comes complete with playlets for airlines that don’t actually fly here:

Podgorica Airport Shop - None of these airlines fly here

Our departing aircraft – Austrian Airlines Fokker 70

Austrian Airlines Fokker 70

Unlike the Austrian Dash-8 on the way in the Austrian Fokker seat does allow ‘GhetoIFE’ iPad use from the raised pocket on the seat back.

Now the ‘lounge’:

Podgorica Airport Business Lounge - Box
Podgorica Airport Business Lounge
Podgorica Airport Business Lounge
Podgorica Airport Business Lounge

While I did go into the ‘lounge’, there was no reason to say more than 5 seconds. And I didn’t take any pictures inside the ‘lounge’ – as the only two gentlemen who were in there raised their jackets above their heads to continue their conversation in private when I entered the room (and they hadn’t even seen me take a picture at that point).

And talking of jackets, security are all leather jackets. Everything is x-rayed and full pat downs after a very sensitive metal detector arch, but there are NO liquids restrictions!

A parting thought:

Austrian Fokker 70 - boarding in Podgorica

Don’t let the very silly lounge put you off, this country will sone come back to the boil, the economic heat just needs to be turned up a little bit to really get things pumping.

Although I’d consider the coast from a touristic perspective.


New entrant for most basic airport lounge: Podgorica, Montenegro — 3 Comments

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  2. I was denied entrance to the ‘lounge’ inspite the fact that I am etihad silver member!

    Lady said I have to be gold member in order to have access!!!!

    Not to mention that I have no restrictions in VIP lounge of the AirSerbia in Belgrade.

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