Tesco 15% off iTunes and Google Play gift cards plus bonus clubard points

Tesco are currently offering a 15% discount on iTunes and Google Play giftcards. Having tested it today, this is stacking with their usual bonus clubcard points offer for buying gift cards.

2 packs of iTunes gift cards, each pack has a value of £30 and has 3 £10 cards inside

Details are in this advert that I spotted in the Evening Standard newspaper:

Evening Standard advert for Tesco 15% discount offer on iTunes and Google Play Store giftcards - ends 9th November..

The offer ends on Sunday 8th November.

It is valid both in store, and also online at the Tesco giftcard site.

Giftcard purchases do not earn clubcard points, however Tesco have a long-standing offer whereby if you buy £50 worth, you get 150 Clubcard points. These are worth 360 Avios points or 375 Virgin Atlantic flying club miles.

Having tested it this evening, I bought 2 packs of £30 iTunes giftcards. Giving me a total of £60 initially. I asked the checkout operator if she could see the discount was going to be applied, she checked her till and confirmed it would drop to £51.00.

As a result I paid £51 for £60 worth of Apple iTunes credit and also received 150 Clubcard points (plus what my credit card earns).

If someone wants to do a test, it would be interesting to see if buying £50 of gift cards (and getting charged £42.50) will still trigger the bonus on £50 spend. Depends upon the order that the till processes the transaction…

If you are buying online at the Tesco giftcard store you can choose either physical gift cards (with delivery costs) or a digital code (for instant delivery). Doing this you can also set your own value.

iTunes credit can be used to buy Music and Films, also apps for iOS devices, desktop applications for Mac computers, or for paying for extra iCloud storage space, etc.

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