Possible 250 free Avios and other bits

Possible 250 free Avios from the new AerLingus loyalty programme? Also Superdrug and the Post Office added to Amex cashback offers – both are spend £10, get £5 back.

Aer Lingus LogoAdditionally a curious Ibera Plus promotion came in for some very inactive accounts. And another printer is on offer in Tesco, but it is not as good as previous offers.

250 free Avios from Aer Lingus?

In early 2016 AerLingus are due to launch their new loyalty programme ‘AerClub’. This will join BA Executive Club and Iberia Plus in being another airline distinct loyalty scheme using Avios points as the reward currency.

We should be able to move Avios back and forth between our Aer Club accounts and our IB+ and BAEC accounts.

Yesterday I received an email, as I’m on their mailing list, which contained the following: (is this the first time we have seen the logo?)
Aer Lingus AERCLUB joining emailThe landing page that this link takes you to is here.

Now my version of link direct from the email had a normal email marketing tracking ID on the end of it, however both with and without the tracking ID there is clearly NO mention of the 250 Avios promo on the landing page. Nor were there any T&C in the email to support it. As such, use with caution.

However I’d consider signing up for emails at least sooner rather than later – there may be other launch promotions they will announce to email recipients, etc.

New Amex Cashback merchants:

Yesterday the Post Office was added to the recent batch of Amex cashback offers. Today Superdrug has appeared also.

Both of these are spend £10, get £5 back after you register.

Curious Iberia Plus offer for inactive accounts:

Two family members with very inactive Iberia Plus accounts received offers by email today advising their Avios (I forgot they had small 2k balances in IB+) would expire early next year.

However the email also appears to advertise a promotion whereby with every partner transaction their Avios balance will be doubled (with earning capped at 5,000 avios sadly)

Iberia Plus - expiring avios double up promotion

The T&C in the email said:

This promotion is valid for earning Avios on operations performed by the cardholder Iberia Plus until 02/29/2016. The promotion allows customers to duplicate Avios to a maximum of 5,000. The Avios will be listed at the end of the promotional period.

Clearly there is no way to join in this if you are not targetted. But it does now raise a question: Should we deliberately leave small balances (rather than zero) in our very inactive accounts in Avios using loyalty programmes? As we can always transfer them out if such a deal doesn’t turn up….

My own IB+ account is too active to ever get this, but I will certainly be taking this up on the part of these family member accounts targetted, and leaving small balances in other inactive accounts as I know I can transfer them out at the expiry anyway.

Another Tesco printer with bonus points:

Sadly the HP Envy 4505 with 2500 bonus clubcard points – as was flagged over on HeadForPoints – sadly remains out of stock (the offer runs out tomorrow).

If you do actually need a printer for any reason, they have (IN STOCK) the Canon MG2950 for £49 with 1500 bonus clubcard points. These would convert into 3600 Avios, 3750 Virgin Flying Club, etc.

Obviously this does NOT pay for itself, but it reduces the printer/scanner down to below £20 and does compare favourably to the current Amazon price.


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