Nectar redemptions on easyJet ending 13th October

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Having stopped Nectar earning when booking easyJet flights a couple of months ago, Nectar have now announced a date when redemptions stop – and it’s next Friday (13th October).

The redemption rate remains the standard basic redemption rate for using Nectar points, with 500 points converting into £2.50 (i.e. 0.5p per point) so it was nothing special in terms of redemptions.

However if you are keen to burn your nectar points, and need to book easyJet from time to time, it was as good as any other standard redemption.

I haven’t seen a bonus conversion (to trains or eBay credit – my two standard options) for some time.

Nectar point out that you can still earn and redeem on easyJet via Expedia. (Although the earning is obviously at a capped rate of 200 per booking, rather than 1 point per £.



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