Confirmed Club Carlson 2-for-1s DO qualify for the promo offer

Club Carlson – the loyalty scheme for Park Inn, Radisson and Park Plaza hotels – has a current bonus offer for 15k points (worth ~£75) after a 2 night stay, or 30k points (~£150 value) after a 3+ night stay – running until 29th March 2015.

Club Carlson 'extend your stay' 30k bonus points

I’m pleased to report these bonuses do indeed combine with the 2-for-1 rate available to Gold Members of the scheme. (They would also combine with the 4-for-2 rate, however 2 nights is a more efficient duration for triggering these bonuses).

In fact, I actually earned an extra 10k on top that I wasn’t expecting… Read More …

New entrant for most basic airport lounge: Podgorica, Montenegro

I recently had to make a trip to Podgorica (TGD), the capital of Montenegro. As part of the community spirit of sharing knowledge of airports and lounges online, here is very quick review.

Podgorica Airport Terminal

Lets start with the good stuff: Turely wonderful scenery and very friendly people – keen to help you and thank you for coming to their country.

Now the bad: While they might use the Euro despite not being part of the EU (as they had adopted the Deutsche Mark prior to this), but they have certainly not caught up with no-smoking legislation. Smoking is everywhere.

But from an aviation perspective while have a relatively modern terminal building (with great views of the mountains) – they have one of the most basic lounges I can recall (with no views at all!) Keep Reading…

TunnelBear Halloween Sale

Popular (and easy to use) VPN provider “TunnelBear” is having a Halloween price reduction. If you regularly exhaust their basic ‘free’ offering and have been thinking of subscribing, you could pocket a saving upgrading today.
TunnelBear Desktop App
You can upgrade free account to a paid account when logged in on their website.
What is a VPN? Why might I need “TunnelBear”? 

Keep Reading…

Nectar earning rates halved at Sainsbury’s

The rate of earning Nectar points at Sainbury’s supermarkets will be halved early next year and with supermarkets under renewed pressure, this is sadly also a word of caution for customers of cash strapped Tesco.

Sainbury's checkout with nectar card

From 11th April 2015 customers will now be able to earn 1 Nectar point per pound they spend, rather than the current 2 per £1 spent. Additionally the extra nectar point for each bag they bring and reuse will also be stopped.  Read More…

Is that it? Taking a look at BAs seat back iPad holder

When British Airways unveiled their new short-haul cabin product, one of the benefits they touted in the press release was an iPad holder incorporated into the new seat back.

BA iPad mini holderIndeed they actually said:

Customers can also make use of an eye-level seatback tablet-holder, which can also provide storage for magazines.

Sadly this sentence should have been written the other way around – and also had a lot of caveats attached!

This was the picture they released: Keep Reading…

RSH fantasy golf winner

Congratulations to team LAgolf who topped the leader-board in the UKpoints mini-league for the RedSpottedHanky fantasy golf competition at the weekend.

Pleased to see most of us got safely well above the 1500 cap – and so should get £15 of credit in our RSH accounts, and that everyone looks to have got at least a fiver out of it.

Don’t forget the RSH fantasy F1 continues this weekend, not too late to start!