Quick reminder to setup your next £15 RedSpottedHanky fantasy game team

Just a quick reminder that the RedSpottedHanky (train booking website) fantasy football game starts later today. Every participan could get up to £15 of free credit to spend on train tickets or with their partners.

RedSpottedHanky Fantasy Football Team

Even if you don’t know anything about football (which is the situation I find myself in) you will at least walk away with some credit in your account – with virtually any team selection.

The site is at:

Last day of Wimbledon – make sure you have registered

Today is the last day of Wimbledon 2013 and also therefore the last day of the red spotted hanky fantasy tennis competition.

RedSpottedHanky Fantasy Wimbledon Tennis Court

It is too late to register and play the game, however, if you ARE playing the game make sure you have registered on the main RedSpottedHanky, site as well as the game site, so that your loyalty points can be credited to your account! Use the same email address.

The only match remaining is the mens singles final today: Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic.  Keep Reading…

Iberia update and last day for free Avios

UPDATE: I believe this method is no more, but there is currently a new way.

Just a quick update on Iberia, their multi-collect bonus and in particular one of the partner offers expires today (see below).

New Iberia WebsiteFirstly, in case you have not been there recently, they have a new website interface. The primary block colour has become red, with the Iberia logo in white on top, and select text in yellow from the corporate colour scheme.

However the main purpose of this post is an update on the ‘Throw down the gauntlet’ promotion. Read More…

New Players Please…

Just a quick reminder that the first transfer period in the RedSpottedHanky Wimbledon game ends today. I trust you have used up first batch of 10 to maximise the number of games played so far. If you have any remaining keep reading for a way you can still use them – by 3pm today!

RedSpottedHanky Fantasy Wimbledon Tennis Court

With the shocking number of high ranking players dropping out of the championship competition yesterday (either withdrawals due to injury, or simply loosing matches) this is actually great news for trying to maximise our earning of game points (for free train tickets) during the competition. Keep Reading…

The Taste of Summer

Sorry for the unannounced posting drought, it has been one of those periods where lots of things have been on top of each other. Because I only intended this site to have new content when there is something to talk about, or something I think deserves more attention, I’ve not prepared any posts in advance for such periods.

Taste of London Food Festival in Regents Park

Anyway in amongst weddings and other social occasions, I managed to slip along to the Taste of London food festival in Regents Park, which is an annual event sponsored by British Airways.

Read More…

Get 15 free Avios per day and up to 15,000 more with Iberia Plus partners

UPDATE: This competition is no more, there is currently potentially a new way.

Iberia Plus have launched their Summer 2013 ‘multi-partner’ bonus campaign, where you can earn up to 15,000 Avios points when you credit points from multiple non-flying partners to your IB+ account.

Banner for Iberia Plus multipartner

It appears you can also get 15 free Avios a day – perfect for ‘activating’ your IBplus account to let you transfer Avios from either of the other two loyalty programmes using Avios points. Or just collect them to use…

Read more…

Amex FX Services promotional rate and bonus

In November 2012 American Express Foreign Exchange Services had a rather interesting sign-up deal (I would link to my original post, but it was on the old version of UKpoints.com and I’ve not had a chance to restore that post yet).

Amex Foreign Exchange Services - 1000 MR points signup

Anyway they have a new signup deal running currently, sadly not as generous as the November one, BUT still worthy of note if you need to move money or make any international payments / transfers anyway. Keep Reading…