Intercontinental Hotels Group possibly still available for cashback

There have been some big developments in the ‘cashback’ world.

Intercontinental Hotels Group logo

Firstly, Intercontinental Hotels Group, which contains the Holiday Inn brands, has been removed from the main UK cashback sites. But there is possibly still a way to get some cashback – more on that further down the post..

Quidco logo

The other big news is involves Quidco, one of the two leading UK cashback sites. They have changed their operating model. Previously the first £5 of your cashback each year was retained by them. Now they have a basic free option, and a premium option (with phone support and live chat to help resolve issues and quicker payment) which still keeps the first £5 as previously.

All existing members have been placed on the premium service by default, if you want to downgrade to the free version of Quidco Keep reading…

Check your F1 team is compliant to get your free train travel credit

Quick reminder to thouse people playing the RedSpottedHanky Formula 1 game (to get themeselves some free train travel credit) to make sure your team is valid.

See the original post for more details on the game. – It is NOT too late to enter.

Fantasy Formula 1 Team Selection

Make sure your fantasy Formula 1 team selection is valid.

Your team MUST include: 4 drivers, 2 contructors and 1 engine – I can see some people in the UKpoints mini-league don’t have this currently, sadly you won’t be earning points until you do!

How to get your team valid: Keep Reading…

Thinking about getting the UK Miles and More credit card? Make sure you have it during May 2013

If you are considering whether to get the UK Miles and More creditcard, May 2013 might well be the month to have it and do your necessary spending for triggering the signup bonus.

The Visa and Amex Miles & More creditcard issued by MBNA

Miles and More Visa and Amex cards for the UK

Miles & More is the loyalty programme of Lufthansa but it is also the ‘home’ loyalty programme for fellow members of LH Group: Swiss and Austrian, along with some others Brussels Airlines, LOT, etc.  Plus you can earn with their other Star Alliance partners.

This post is NOT about M&M itself, it is not even about their UK credit card offer itself, but rather it is about why – if you are thinking of signing up for it – May 2013 might be the month to make sure you have the card by.

Keep reading to the end of this article for why I have identified May 2013 as possibly THE month to have this card.

Get £15 of free train travel in the fast lane

Keep reading for how you can get up to £15 worth of credit absolutly free to spend on train fares.

RedSpottedHanky.comTrain booking company Red Spotted Hanky are giving 30,000 away £10 vouchers in tomorrows Sunday Telegraph, but you DON’T need to by the paper. You can find full details of that offer over on However, the RSH website will be slow tomorrow, be ready for that.

The good news, especially if you miss out, is that they have another offer on (for £15!) and there is no limit on how many people can take part! Read the rest of this article to find out more. Watch the lights…

The argument to always ‘bank’ the best card deals for earning

Lots of people focus on the best credit card signup bonuses and referral deals, but you should never loose sight of the best card deals for earning on normal day-to-day spending outside of bonus periods.

Over the years the credit card offering for earning points and miles on spending after introductory periods has generally got worse rather than better! However many of the old cards are still being used quite happily by thouse who continue to hold them, and they are still earning points and miles at their old legacy rates. Therefore there is a strong argument for signing up and holding on to (‘banking’) the best credit cards for earning. The Best Non-Amex currently…

FlyingBlue status match and Air Show

Over on HeadForPoints Raffles has highlighted a new status match offer from FlyingBlue – the frequent flyer programme of AirFrance / KLM who are in the SkyTeam alliance.

John5199 / / CC BY

To achive the offer you need a KLM flight from Manston in Kent – and there might be a good day to plan your Manston visit around. South East Airshow 2013