Last day to enter the Virgin Atlantic Perfect Storm

Today is the last day for a ‘perfect storm’ combination of Virgin Atlantic promotions.

Despite having no history in Virgin Atlantic Flying Club myself nor any existing points balance with them, I decided this was a combination of offers that was worth doing to get myself a ‘diversification pot’ – i.e. a usable balance of miles in another scheme to help with reward seat availability.

(And if you don’t have a Flying Club account yet, let me know as there is a refer-a-friend scheme!)

But remember these offers finish today!

Firstly the easy ones:

Tesco Auto-Convert Opt-In:

If you setup a Tesco clubcard account to ‘auto convert’ to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club by 31st March 2014, you will get 2,500 bonus flying club miles. This is worth doing on an account that will have enough to conver this quarter, but not a huge number.
Virgin Atlantic link for details.
Tesco Clubcard link for details.

Tesco Clubcard Point Conversion Bonus:

Convert your existing Tesco Clubcard points and receive a 30% bonus – again by 31st March 2014.
Basic rate: £2.50 > 625 flying club miles.
With bonus: £2.50 > 812 flying club miles.

Given that I could earn 600 Avios points with the same amount of Clubcard points, and that I have my own person valuation (to me) of an Avios point, I know how much I’m spending on these flying club miles.

The question then becomes, how many to convert! This (like the value of an Avios point) is a personal matter, I know the places I like to go – yours will likely be different. Look at the spending miles page.

Choosing between the White and Black Virgin Atlantic credit cards:

Under the terms of the current promotion, if you get the black card (which has a £140 annual fee) and spend £2000 you would get 25,000 miles + 4,000 on the card spend itself on the Amex card. Giving 29,000 from the Black Card.

With the White card (which has no annual fee), I would only need to spend £1000, and receive 10,000 miles + 1,000 from the card spend on the Amex. Giving 11,000 from the White Card.

Which is the better deal? If considered only for the sign up bonus, not the value of other perks and on the basis I have no ongoing regular spend with Virgin, I’m going with the White Card.

With the annual fee I would be spending about 0.82 pence per mile to get the bonus on the black card, when I calculate I could currently buy the same number of miles using Tesco Clubcard points (under the promotion) for 0.3 pence each. Having plenty of Tesco Clubcard points I went for this route.

As for perks, I don’t plan on making many high value Virgin transactions to benefit from the higher earning rate on the black card, and I don’t need Regus membership this year.

Applying for the cards – some extra cashback:

Sadly you won’t find the Virgin credit cards available on the cashback sites such as TopCashBack or Quidco, so you can’t get some direct money in return for the application. But I do have a ‘simple’ tip for such situations.

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