Amazon prime day – get a bonus £10 promo code for buying a £50 gift card

Unless you having been disconnected from media for past week you will no doubt be aware that today is ‘Amazon prime day‘ – as Amazon is celebrating it’s 20th aniversary.


They have promised large numbers of deals will be available. Many people will no doubt have wondered if there will actually be anything that appeals to them.

Well here is the first thing: Buy a £50 amazon gift voucher box and you will get a bonus £10 promo code!

But you need to opt-in to the offer (link below) – and course, it is today only.

You will need to have a Amazon prime membership to take advantage of this, but if you do here is the link with all the details:

Buy a £50 Gift Box, Get a £10 promo code to spend at

Amazon Gift Box

As you can see it needs to be a ‘gift box’ – that is where the gift voucher is sent physically in a box. However, free UK delivery is of course available.

Secondly, the bonus £10 code will be valid until the 30 August 2015, the main £50 gift card will have the usual Amazon expiry policy of 10 years!

NOTE: You need to opt-in to the offer. Only 1 promo code per Amazon account. And the promo code can only be used against items sold by Amazon themselves.

Don’t have prime?

Do you have a email address? If so, Amazon Student is available FREE for 6 months, then you get Prime for 50% off for a year if you let it continue.

Some alumni have access to addresses … check with your university alumni association.

Other deals?

I will update this during the day if I spot anything else widely or universally interesting.


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