Quick reminder to setup your next £15 RedSpottedHanky fantasy game team

Just a quick reminder that the RedSpottedHanky (train booking website) fantasy football game starts later today. Every participan could get up to £15 of free credit to spend on train tickets or with their partners.

RedSpottedHanky Fantasy Football Team

Even if you don’t know anything about football (which is the situation I find myself in) you will at least walk away with some credit in your account – with virtually any team selection.

The site is at:


Remember to register using the same email address you have for your registration on the main RedSpottedHanky website.

Even if you miss the start – still join, you will get more the earlier in the season you join though.

Also consider joining the UKpoints mini-legauge to track your progress. The minileague is called “UKpoints” if you need to search for it, and the password to join is “david”.

(There are currently a bunch of people awaiting approval – I will do this today, sorry I have been very busy off-line.)

If you don’t know much about football, the minileague might also guide you improvements to your side – I certain hope so!

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