Last day of Wimbledon – make sure you have registered

Today is the last day of Wimbledon 2013 and also therefore the last day of the red spotted hanky fantasy tennis competition.

RedSpottedHanky Fantasy Wimbledon Tennis Court

It is too late to register and play the game, however, if you ARE playing the game make sure you have registered on the main RedSpottedHanky, site as well as the game site, so that your loyalty points can be credited to your account! Use the same email address.

The only match remaining is the mens singles final today: Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic. 

As both Murray and Djokovic are in group A in the game, we can only pick one of them. And if correct we will earn another 8 points (24p), with a 4 point (12p) bonus if straight sets. Obviously it is unlikely to be straight sets…

This was my original post on the Fantasy Tennis.

Finally, don’t forget the Fantasy Formula 1 competition. Despite being half way through the F1 calendar, you can still earn enough game points here to max out at £15, and without any of the micro-management necessary to max-out the Wimbledon competition. See the original post for the F1 game.


Last day of Wimbledon – make sure you have registered — 3 Comments

  1. No sign of my wimbledon points yet :/

    On the plus side though, they’ve just launched a Fantasy Football game, thought at a slightly lower rate than before: “1 loyalty points for every Fantasy Football point you score – up to a maximum of 1,500 points (worth £15.00)”

    • The phrase “some you win, some you almost certainly loose” springs into my head. I know nothing about football, so limited chance of winning the top prizes (unlike, say, the F1), so I quickly need to read up on how it works to see how much we can confidently walk away with from this one.

      • Looks a little more complicated than before, as some actions taken by a player mean negative points! See 5.9 of the T&Cs:

        Each real team plays 38 matches per season. (Points are earned by players, but it should average out) With 15 players on your team, that means you only need to score about 2.5 points per player per match, which should be fine as long as they actually spend some time on the pitch. I’d guess you can probably hit 1500 points with just a random team, but you ought to be fairly safe if you periodically swap for people injured or yellow/red card prone!

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