UPDATED: New Amex cashback offers-Eurostar, Argos, World Duty Free + Post Office and more

American Express have loaded a new batch of cashback offers for card holders. Partners this time include Eurostar, Argos and World Duty Free (also Biza Tax&Duty Free).

UPDATE: Also includes the Post Office (£5 for £10 spend!) plus more.

Eurostar platforms at St Pancras from behind the clock

They are available to both Amex issued cards and also to holders of Amex cards issued by banking partners in the UK, such as MBNA, Lloyds, TSB, Barclays, etc.

Each offer is capped to a certain number of registrations, qualifing transactions then need to occur (after registration) by the 10th January 2016.

All of the following were showing on the Amex Connect website – so they should be available to everyone with any Amex card issued by partner card:

  • Eurostar – Spend £100, get £20 back. (Limit 14,000 registrations)
  • Argos – Spend £100, get £10 back (Limit 14,000 registrations)
  • World Duty Free (and Bizza) – Spend £70, get £10 back (Limit 10,500 registrations)
  • Post Office – Spend £10, get £5 back (30,000 registrations)

Note that some Argos stores sell gift cards for other retailers. I’ve bought £50 M&S giftcards in the past and then just used them up for sandwiches and salads – as they are valid at their M&S food outlets in stations and airports, etc.

Some Post Offices also sell gift cards, amongust their eclcetic offering.

There are a couple of other offers for womens fashion, etc, but I’ve not yet worked out which other are new offers. If you have an Amex issued Amex card, do check your own accounts as you might have other offers in addition.

Finally, if you do not have an Amex card, I’m more than happy to refer you.


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