Get set for Wimbledon with up to £15 of free train tickets

Train booking company RedSpottedHanky have another fantasy sports game where every participant can walk away with up to £15 worth of loyalty points, which can be spent on train tickets or vouchers with numerous partners.

Red Spotted Hanky Fantasy Tennis Prizes

Doing the maths:

While there are other prizes available including an iPad, etc, the key thing to remember is every participant can earn 3 RSH loyalty points per 1 point earned in the game.

Now given that the maximum amount of free credit each person can earn is £15 (=1500 loyalty points) we therefore all need to earn 500 game points to max it out.


When you register for the game, make sure you use the same email address as your main RedSpottedHanky account, so that they can allocate the points correctly. You need to register for both separately.
Registration link for the game:

Do also see further down this page for details of the mini-league I have setup for UKpoints, please do join for a bit of fun.

How to play:

The following is based upon my interpretation and understanding of the rules, the rules and RSHs interpretation of them are what apply. No warranty to this!

RedSpottedHanky Fantasy Wimbledon Tennis Court

You have to select 7 players to be in your team, and you score points when they win matches in the real Wimbledon singles championships.

RedSpottedHanky have ranked the available players in the game based upon their ATP and WTA rankings, while I’m not a tennis person myself I believe the official Wimbledon rankings are different, but that is irrelevant to getting points – we are playing under RSH rules!

They have put the top 10 men and top 10 women players into Group A, the next 10 of each into Group B, and the 12 after that into Group C.

You have to select 1 male and 1 female player from each group. You also have to select a 7th player from a wildcard list. The wildcard list contains a further 300 players (149 men and 151 women). You can freely make changes to your team selection until 10am on Monday 24th June. While I would strongly suggest you make final changes shortly before then, I would also encourage you to register now, just in case there is any problem.

Scoring Points in this game:

You score points when the players in your team win real matches. Your Group A players earn you 8 points per win, your Group B players 12 points, Group C 16 points and if your wildcard player wins a match you get 20 points each time. They each also get you a 4 point bonus when they win a match in straight sets.

Wimbledon Fortnight:

The Championship takes place over two weeks from Monday 24th June until Sunday 7th July. While doubles, juniors and invitation events also take place, we are ONLY interested in matches played in the mens and womens singles competitions.

The mens and womens singles both start with 128 players. (So make sure your whole team selection are actually going to take part, people do drop out.).

They are ‘knock-out’ tournaments:
Round 1 has 128 players, 64 matches with 64 winners going through to the next round.
Round 2 has 64 players, 32 matches. with 32 winners ground through.
Round 3 has 32 players, 16 matches. with 16 winners ground through.
Round 4 has 16 players, 8 matches. with 8 winners ground through.
Quarter Finals: 8 players, 4 matches. with 4 winners ground through.
Semi Finals: 4 players, 2 matches. with 2 winners ground through.
Final: 2 players, 1 match, Champion and Runner Up.

The Red Spotted Hanky Competition:

The overall winner from all Red Spotted Hanky players wins an iPad. They have also divided the competition into 2 weeks, the best 3 players each week win a Kindle, Wii and iPod respectively.

However don’t forget the RSH loyalty credit, each participant could win up to £15 of train credit. What you earn will be proportional to how close you can get to earning 500 points in the game, and far more importantly for doing this are the 3 transfer periods below.


Once the game starts you get 10 transfers you can use during each period to change your player selection. Any change to any player counts as a transfer.

Period 1: 1st and 2nd Round. (From 10am 24th June)
Period 2: 3rd and 4th Round. (From 3pm 27th June)
Period 3: Semi-finals and final. (From 3pm 1st July)

– So you can make changes to your team, replace knocked out players, etc.

See the game site for the full rules.


I’ve created a UKpoints mini-leage so we see how we are getting on.
If you want to join it, follow this link:

The password to join the mini-league is: david
If the link above doesn’t work and you need to search the mini-league is called: UKpoints

You can be in up to 10 mini-leagues if you also want to play with friends.

Formula 1:

Just a reminder that it is not too late to join this years RSH fantasy F1 competition. Where you can similarly earn up to £15 of credit. And if you are already playing, don’t forget to make sure your team is valid.

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