blinkbox books 4,800 Avios for £20 offer extended

BlinkBoxBooks 100 bonus points offer

The promotional offer from Tesco’s blinkbox books service – where you can collect 2,000 clubcard points (convertible to 4,800 Avios or 5,000 Flying Club miles) for just £20 spend has been extended to the 31st July 2014. EDIT: Offer has now changed to £40 cost. 1st August 2014. Please consider cost doubling at new rate. Although still cheaper than buying directly at silly prices.

Under the offer, you will earn 100 Clubcard points on up each e-book title purchased – providing the title is priced at £1 or more, and subject to a maximum of 2000 clubcard points.

Accordingly, you can get the maximum for the lowest spend by buying 20 books at £1.

Note 1: BlinkboxBooks is currently a wholly separate service to Blinkbox TV/Movies and to Tesco accounts, you need to register separately – giving your clubcard number.

Note 2: If you completed this offer before it was extended, the 2,000 points maximum limit has NOT been reset, this is an extension of the previous promotional offer.

How to find £1 books:

  • Visit the blinkboxbooks website.
  • Click ‘Categories’ and select a category (for example I picked “Health and Wellbeing”).
  • Now use the drop down control to select “Order by Price (low to high)“.
  • Then keep scrolling down until you reach titles priced £1 or more.
  • And I found the following:


BlinkboxBooks - Tori James - Peak Performance


‘Peak Performance’ by Tori James – the first Welsh woman (and youngest British woman) to climb Mount Everest.  The book is priced £1 and you can see the promotional bubble to collect 100 clubcard points.

So you could start with that one. (Ok she is a good friend of a very good friend of mine, but hey you get the idea!)

When searching for other titles, follow you interests but I’ve found things for £1 in Travel, Comedy, History sections that I was inclined to buy (and get even more value out of the offer).

My clubcard points have already posted from titles purchased earlier, and there is no requirement to actually read the title or anything like that (sorry Tori).

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