RedSpottedHanky fantasy world cup giveaway starts tonight

The fantasy world cup competition organised by train ticket seller RedSpottedHanky begins this evening – as well as winning prizes, every participant could walk away with up to £15 of RSH loyalty points.

RedSpottedHanky fantasy world cup 2014 banner

Unlike some of their other games (e.g. Fantasy Formula 1) the amount you could win depends not only upon how many points you earn in the game – but also how many points you lose – yes, your goal keeper failing to save ball will cost you game points.

If like me you know nothing about football, then I would not try to overly manage your team selection during the competition – but I will certainly pop in to remove players as their countries get eliminated from the competition (although there is a limit to how many players you can have from one country).

First thing you need to do is create a team:

RSH fantasy worldcup 2014 team selection

You have a 100 ‘*’ credits to spend on your players, and you can register for the game at:

If you want a sense of achievement you are welcome to join the UKpoints mini-league:

league name: UKpoints
password: david

I’m going keep my main efforts on the Fantasy F1 – first quarter points posted last week, along with the £9 from doing the fantasy UK football – which was another pot luck entry from me.

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